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How it works

You are in charge of taking the first step. A standard credit application tells us the basics about you and your business, but we want more than that. 

There's a reason why your Business needs financing. Everyone has the opportunity to grow. We help you take advantage of financing opportunities by introducing you to those who want to finance your business. 

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You don't owe anyone an excuse to not want to "people" today. Have a million things you have to do? Don't know where to start but need to get this done and over with?


We'll at least take this off your back.

It will take you less than 10 minutes and we'll take it from there. Promise :)

A quick Online Application and Questionnaire needs to be completed. Be detailed and don't leave anything out! Remember we represent your unique financing scenario. The more we know, the quicker we can guide your application through underwriting.

Pick your Checklist of Documents you need to submit with your unique financing request. You can upload them securely in our application portal or by email.

Check Your Email. One of our Account Managers will be in touch with you via email, text, or call depending on the status of your application. We'll get started right away and depending on your request, we can have answers back within the hour.

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Don't feel like dealing with people today?

We got your back. 


Our Team

Our Company has a unique way of bringing the best to you. We're devoted to helping small business owners obtain the right source

of capital and we know that takes the right people to do. 

Our technology is just as important as the people who make it move. The automation we  built around supporting business owners is powered by your Account Manager. 

Meet the KEO Team and find out more about our network. 


Small Business Resources

We've all faced some unexpected situations. Some a bit worse than others but we all have managed to come together in some way to make it through. You are brave and strong and meant to do great things. 

That's the reason why KEO exists. We want to see the Small Businesses of America do great things. From the impact to your neighborhood to the pizza place you can't live without, your local small business is great to someone. Let us be one! 

We want to be your biggest fan by not only getting you financing and saying "We helped that business grow!" but also by providing local resources, tips, and connections to help you when you need it the most.