Business Cash Advances


A Business Cash Advance is a lump-sum amount of capital funded into your business bank account. The advance of capital is based off of the future revenue of your business! 

This alternative financing product was created for businesses who may not meet traditional bank loan criteria but has consistent cash flow and promise to grow. 

Does My Business Qualify? 

Did you know there are over 100+ Business Cash Advance Companies that you may qualify for? Unfortunately, there is no simple way to narrow down the best fitting advance programs online so we created one for you here at KEO Wold!


Your industry, time in business, and ways you generate revenue are unique and so are the direct financing companies that specialize in the funding you need or believe in your small business story. 

Months in business
Monthly Revenue
Personal Credit Score
Minimum Qualifying Guidelines!
How a Business Cash Advance Works
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Provide us basic information about your business. 
Get Approved
You’ll find out your business cash advance terms in just a few hours after applying!
Make Repayments
Repayment is made simple with automated daily, weekly, or bi-weekly payments drafted from your business checking.
Use the new funds to double your business growth, make payroll, and anything in between!
1 business day

A business cash advance is the ideal funding product for newer businesses, entrepreneurs with less-than-ideal credit strength, or businesses who simply don’t have the time to wait weeks for their bank to make a decision!

Pricing & Return on Investment

You will pay anywhere between .10 and .49 cents on the dollar with a business cash advance. The underwriting guidelines are more lenient and we're A-OK working with entrepreneurs with less than perfect credit. 


Example ROI: You wish to invest in marketing to grow your business by 40% this year, but don’t have the funds available to readily do so. By utilizing a $50,000 business cash advance paid back over 12 months, you’re able to invest into marketing, rise to the occasion, and ultimately increase your revenue by a whopping $20,000 each month, far exceeding the small repayment on the advance.

Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.

The amount of money you can qualify for ranges between $3,000 to $3 Million or more. It is all based on your business's unique revenue. 

The money you need in a short amount of time can be available to you within 48 hours.

How much money do you need right now short term?

The length of time you have to payback your advance is based on the term (usually counted in business days) and how much of a percent (%) is being withheld from your sales on a daily basis. 

How long do I have to pay back the advance?

A Business Cash Advance or Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) prices at a factor rate rather than APR. You can expect factor rates between 1.10 - 1.49. See our Pricing & Return on Investment below for more explanation on rates. 

What type of rates should I expect? 
Minimum qualification
What you need to apply
12 months in business
FICO score - N/A
$15,000 in monthly revenue
Completed application
Prior 3 months bank statements
Prior 3 months Credit Card Processing statement *if applicable
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